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A library endowment helps guarantee the Northeastern University Libraries’ long-term excellence.


An endowed gift honors a donor’s life-long relationship with the University and with the Library by giving students, faculty and alumni access to the resources to achieve success. Gift endowments can be named after the donor, or in honor of a loved one, and are often fulfilled through a multi-year commitment. Endowments can support the purchase and preservation of Library collections, a lecture series, research programs, or other purposes. 


The following endowments were established by generous donors to the University Libraries:

Nicola J. Barletta Book Fund
For Civil Engineering collections

F. Gregg Bemis Fund
For acquisition of books in the Humanities

Bowditch Endowment Fund
For Canadian collections

Class of 1937/38 Book Fund
For collections

Class of '92 Snell Periodicals Fund
For periodicals

Paul E. Crocker Fund
For collections

Calvin S. Cronan Library Endowment Fund
For Chemical Engineering collections

Davis Educational Endowment Library Fund
For English and American Literature collections

Loren Downs Endowment Book Fund
For collections

F. Andre Favat Memorial Fund
For collections of Children's Literature and curriculum resources

William H. Garvey Library Fund
For collections in the physical, medical, and biological sciences

Morris Goodman Book Fund
For Business and Economics collections

Haney Family Endowed Book Fund
For collections

Hawley Endowment Fund
For the purchase of books in the Humanities

Chris L. Kleinke Library Fund
For the purchase of collections within the field of psychology

Library Books Alumni Fund
For collections

Library Materials Fund
For collections

Library Projects Endowment Fund
For the support of general and technological improvements to the quality of the Library's facilities, services and environment

Miscellaneous Library Endowment Fund

NU Memorial Endowment Fund
For books and other materials

John and Esther Perkins Book Fund
For Chemistry and Chemical Engineering collections

Anna Reppucci Memorial Library Fund
To maintain the Anna and Eugene M. Reppucci Alumni Reading Room in Snell Library and to support library priorities recommended by the Dean of University Libraries.

Amy and John Robbins Memorial Fund
For acquisitions, emphasis in the Humanities

William T. and Helen Schafer Book Fund
For collections

Farnham W. and Susan W. Smith Endowed Book Fund
For the purchase of Engineering books

Janet M. Smith Endowment Fund
For the Library's collections in Language and Literature

Thompson Endowment Fund
For Pharmacy collections

D. Thomas and Marie F. Trigg Fund
For International Business collections


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Tel: (617) 373-5452

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