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Teaching and Learning Support

In person and online, our teaching and learning services support Northeastern's Boston, and regional/global campuses.


Students and professor viewing Arader maps in Snell LibraryRequest a library session for your class

Request a session with Recording Studio staff

Course planning resources offered by the library

Library workshop calendar: view and register (not course-based)


What does learning and course support look like?

In your Zoom classroom or synchronously


These can be provided as Canvas modules

Meetings and consults

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What do we teach?

Specialized skills

  • 3D design and printing
  • Audio and video projects and digital storytelling (more)
  • Citation tracking and analysis
  • Contributing to Wikipedia
  • Data analysis and visualization (more)
  • Data management
  • Data plans
  • Digital humanities projects
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping (more)
  • Online exhibits (WordPress and CERES)
  • XML, TEI and related technologies

Information literacy concepts

  • Archival and primary sources (more)
  • Citaton management: concepts, styles and software (more)
  • Developing a research topic
  • Ethical use of information
  • Finding data, images, funding, patents, etc.
  • Evaluating sources: scholarly, professional, peer-reviewed, popular
  • Identifying discipline-specific and interdisciplinary databases
  • Oral history and interviewing skills
  • Strategic searching skills
  • Systematic reviews and literature reviews (more)


c.oka [at] (Christine Oka)
Library Instruction Coordinator
Tel: (617) 373-3316

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