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How to Use the Selected New Titles List

The list of newly acquired library materials is updated monthly and includes both physical and online resources. Click the title of an item to view the catalog record. From the catalog record, you can quickly access an online item or determine the call number and location of a physical item.

Please note that not all collections are included in this list.

Sorting and Limiting

If you are looking for items in specific formats, specific subject areas, or at specific libraries, you can limit your search using the “Material Type,” “LC Class,” and “Library” links. 

LC Class groups materials together by subject, identified by combinations of letters. The “LC Class” list displays major subject areas and their corresponding LC identifiers. Scroll through the list until you find your desired subject(s), and use the checkboxes to make your selection(s).

Select a library (Snell or School of Law) with the “Library” option. Using the “Sort By” drop-down, you can sort the list alphabetically by title or author, by material type, by location, or by LC Class. Change the order of the list using the “Order” drop-down.

Click “Apply” once you’ve made your selection(s). Use the “Reset” button to clear all selections.

Downloading the List

You can download the list as a spreadsheet using the “CSV Export” button above the list.

Add the list to your RSS reader using the “RSS Feed” button. Copy and paste the URL in your browser’s address bar into your RSS reader. This link will automatically update with the list.

If you have made any limits to the list, your RSS link or spreadsheet will reflect your selection(s). For example, if you have limited the list to Books, your RSS link or spreadsheet will only display books; if you have limited the list to Books and LC Class GC (Oceanography), your RSS link or spreadsheet will only display books on oceanography.

Need Help?

If you have questions or need help using this list, please Ask a Librarian!

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