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Stat+ Terms & Conditions of Use

Stat+ (Current NU only, registration required)

Stat+ Terms & Conditions of Use, 2019

AUTHORIZED USER: For Academic Institution Group Subscriptions, access is granted for any individual who is a current, registered student, faculty member, staff member, or affiliated researcher, with a valid email address from the Licensing Organization.  Walk-in users may use the free site but will not have access to the premium content.

General Benefits

After the Licensing Organization purchases a STAT Plus group subscription, Authorized Users must provide a Valid Email Address to STAT. Once verified, the following benefits apply to that Authorized User:

(1)          Access to all STAT Plus content on, including the STAT Plus archive

(2)          Subscriber-only email newsletters

(3)          Access to breaking STAT Plus news alerts

(4)          Access to the STAT Plus live-chat channel for group discussions with subscribers (including Authorized Users who are part of STAT Plus Group Subscriptions), reporters, and industry experts

(5)          Early access to reports on industry trends

(6)          Early-bird invitations and discounted rates to select industry events, pre-determined by STAT and media partners

(7)          Invitations to Subscriber-only STAT events

(8)          Ability to print STAT Plus content for individual personal use by an Authorized User

Terms of Use:

·         Closed Discussion. The STAT Plus Live-Chat channel is a closed on-line discussion area located on for online discussions between STAT editors and reporters and authorized STAT Plus subscribers (including Authorized Users who are part of STAT Plus Group Subscriptions) only. All discussions are considered “off the record.” If STAT wishes to use any comments (anonymous or attributed) from the discussion, STAT will reach out directly to the individual for permission.

·         No Re-Use. No STAT Plus Live-Chat user is permitted to use, repurpose, or quote any content from any individual in any STAT Plus live-chat discussion. Any breach of this term may result in immediate termination of the subscription to STAT Plus and the STAT Plus Live-Chat Channel. If breaching user is part of Group Subscription, any breach in this term may also result in immediate termination of the Group Subscription for the entire group.

·         STAT Disclaimer. Any comment by an individual Authorized User represents the thoughts or ideas of that individual and not of STAT. STAT cannot be responsible for, and disclaims all liability related to, the accuracy of any comments made during a STAT Plus discussion.

·         Incorrect Information. Any information presented by an Authorized User that is found to be factually incorrect and presented as a means to spread that incorrect information, may result in a warning from STAT to the user. A second infraction of presenting false information may result in that user (and potentially the Licensing Organization) being terminated from the STAT Plus Live-Chat Channel. Notwithstanding the foregoing, STAT shall be under no obligation to monitor the Live-Chat channel for factually incorrect information.

·         STAT Plus Event Benefits. Throughout the year STAT may host events that are owned or managed by STAT, or events that STAT has partnered with a third party to produce to offer STAT Plus subscribers (including Authorized Users who are part of STAT Plus Group Subscriptions) additional benefits. STAT Plus subscribers (including Authorized Users who are part of STAT Plus Group Subscriptions) will have early access to tickets and price discounts (if applicable) to those events. Such STAT Plus Event Benefits vary on a per event basis. Certain additional restrictions and terms may apply to each event benefit.

·         Distribution Prohibited  : No Authorized User is authorized to email transmit, copy, or distribute STAT Plus Content, or any portion thereof, to non-Authorized Users in any manner or for any purpose without STAT’s prior express written permission, unless the Authorized User has obtained redistribution rights as part of a group license.

·         Reproduction, Alteration, Translation, and Adaptation Prohibited :  No Authorized User may:

o   (1) create a digital copy or download of a STAT Plus article or portion thereof other than for their personal research or course of study;

o   (2) distribute or forward a copy (electronic or otherwise) of any STAT Plus article, material or document obtained from the Digital Products to any non-Authorized User in any manner without STAT’s prior express written permission, unless they have obtained redistribution rights as a part of a redistribution license;

o   (3) reproduce or photocopy any STAT Plus article, material, or document other than for their personal research or course of study;

o   (4) alter, modify, adapt, or translate any STAT Plus article or material from a Digital Product to a non-Authorized User;

o   (5) include any article, file, or material in any derivative work or create derivative work from a Digital Product, including without limitation, articles, material or documents;

o   (6) re-sell or charge for STAT Plus content;

o   (7) store STAT Plus articles on an internal or external web pages accessible to other users. Nothing contained in this section shall prevent an Authorized User from using the STAT Plus content for customary academic purposes, including (without limitation) quotations and references (with proper attribution) in scholarly research, papers, articles, and presentations.

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