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SciFinder-n Terms and Conditions


    SciFinder n Terms

    Revised 2020

    Authorized Users: A current faculty or administrative staff member, or officially registered student of Northeastern University.

    Authorized Use of CAS Information

    • A User, Information Professional or Information Broker may Post-Process CAS information as long as usage is consistent with the other conditions described in these Policies. Non-CAS or non-STN software may be used for these procedures which may include non-CAS information. Attribution to ACS must be included.    
    • Metadata from CAS Records may be downloaded for a Data Mining procedure in compliance with CAS or STN product licenses. The data may be used in CAS or STN Data Mining Tools. To use CAS Metadata in third party Data Mining Tools, you must download CAS Records through STN AnaVist by using a "Download feature", and agree to the terms and conditions for the use of this information. Any other uses of CAS data in Data Mining procedures are prohibited and require that you contact CAS. Any Records retained from the task are subject to the limits specified in these Policies. CAS Records retained as a result of the Data Mining process must be consistent with these Policies and display the STN AnaVist copyright.    
    • The building of searchable Project directories or Databases for use by individuals and Project teams is permitted. Each User is permitted to download and retain a maximum of 5,000 Records and a maximum of 5,000 Molfiles at any given time for personal use or to share within a Project team for the life of the Project. These Records and Molfiles may be obtained from more than one CAS product as long as the limit/User is not exceeded.    
    • A User may make electronic or print copies of CAS Records and distribute them to others within the Organization where the User is employed as long as the use constitutes reasonable use. Reasonable use does not include general posting of results and/or sharing results for the purpose of doing research for others. Copies of CAS Records must display the ACS copyright.
    • A User may distribute CAS information outside of the Organization as follows:
    • in a bibliography of references, provided that the bibliography is supplemental to the main content of the User's own copyrighted or uncopyrighted work.
    • in scientific publications such as a critical review, poster, presentation, research report, patent, or other communication. This publication should indicate that CAS information is reprinted by permission of the American Chemical Society.
    • in reports to the government when the information and the reports are required by law or administrative policy.
    • A User may create and distribute Links within the Organization where the User is employed and externally to the User’s Organization in order to facilitate collaborative team research.  Links are intended to be used by CAS customers with CAS products.    
    • For use of CAS Registry Numbers (CAS RN), see the CAS Registry Number Verified Partner Program at
    • A User who makes a legal copy of CAS information must make a reasonable effort to prevent the theft or inadvertent illicit dissemination of CAS intellectual property by displaying the following ACS Copyright Notice conspicuously at least once on each packet of information distributed by the User: Copyright Year by the American Chemical Society. All Rights Reserved. (Use the year of publication in the case of printed and microform services; in the case of information derived from an online service, use either the year provided by the online service or the current year.) For usage exceeding or outside these restrictions, please refer to the Section below,  Special Permission.
    • A User may create and distribute Tags and Comments within the User's Organization.

    Unauthorized Use of CAS Information

    All of the following uses are prohibited without prior written permission from CAS:

    • A User may not disseminate, distribute, copy, or store any portion of the CA Lexicon, without the prior written consent of CAS. The CA Lexicon is the copyrighted intellectual property of the American Chemical Society and is provided to assist in searching Databases on STN.
    • A User may not copy or otherwise record all or portions of a printed issue or Database with the purpose of, or the effect of, avoiding subscription fees or use charges for that publication or Database, except as provided in these Policies. This includes the creation of centralized or networked Databases or directories of CAS information.
    • CAS Records or Metadata may not be used in Data Mining with non-CAS or non-STN tools unless the User or Information Professional has downloaded the Records via STN AnaVist. For uses of CAS Information outside of this procedure the User or Information Professional must contact CAS.
    • A User may not use automated programs for systematic retrieval of CAS content to create or compile, directly or indirectly a collection, compilation, Database, or directory. An example of automated retrieval is a script written to extract and download CAS data in batches.
    • A User may not redistribute any part of CAS Records or any CAS Data Elements outside the Organization via the Internet or other means except as specified in these Policies.
    • Links may not be aggregated or distributed for the purpose of enhancing or building Databases.  Links are intended to be used as a collaborative tool among Users in a research team.

       Special Permission

     A User may also contact CAS to discuss special permission. Typical uses that may be permitted, upon agreement, are the following:

    • One-time or periodic publication of CAS information in bulletins, bibliographies, and other documents, either for distribution outside the User's Organization or within the Organization if the use exceeds what is described in these Policies.
    • If current or planned use of CAS information goes beyond what is described above, please refer to the STN Information Keep & Share ProgramSM. For example, an Information Professional may pay to store backup copies for a longer period or a User may pay for the right to retain more Records or to redistribute them more widely within his or her Organization with STN Keep & Share. CAS Customer Center will assist Users who do not have access to STN with their needs for extended use or retention of Records.
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