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Journal of Rheumatology Terms of Use

For the purposes of this agreement,  “Authorized User” means: 
(i) any individual who is an employee, independent contractor, student, faculty or staff member of Northeastern University who is approved by Northeastern University to use the Secure Network for access to the Journal Online; and 
(ii) any other individual who is approved by Northeastern to use the Secure Network at Northeastern’s premises for access to the Journal Online.
Allowed use – Authorized Users:
will be entitled to view, print, and display material from the Journal Online and store such material for individual archival purposes only, specifically for the sole purposes of personal research, study, and reference. 
will be entitled to distribute a single copy of material from the Journal Online in print or electronic form to one or more other Authorized Users for use in accordance with this Agreement. 
Nothing contained in this Agreement shall limit Licensee’s rights with respect to fair use under the US Copyright Law. 
Any use of material from the Journal Online in whole or in part must include a copyright notice, stating that The Journal of Rheumatology is the copyright holder, and customary bibliographic citation that includes author, date, title, The Journal of Rheumatology Online, and the URL http://www.jrheum.org 
5. Prohibited Use 
Except as expressly set out in this Agreement, no part of the material from the Journal Online or the Periodical may be copied, displayed, downloaded, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted or otherwise reproduced, distributed or used without the prior express written permission of the Journal. Without limiting the foregoing: 
No transmission or distribution for commercial use of the material is permitted without the prior, express written permission of The Journal of Rheumatology (requests to be directed to the Managing Editor, The Journal of Rheumatology, 365 Bloor Street East, Suite 901, Toronto ON Canada, M4W 3L4); 


Authorized Users shall not transmit, distribute, or display electronic or printed copies of material from the Journal Online to anyone other than Authorized Users
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