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NU Login Bookmarklet: iPhones and iPads

These instructions are for adding the library's Login Bookmarklet, a browser plugin, to your iOS device. 

If the library has subscription access to the webpage, you'll be prompted for a login and will have access through Northeastern's licensed subscriptions.

Step 1: Copy this Text


Use the iPhone's, iPad's, or iPod Touch's copy feature to copy the following text:



Step 2: Create a Bookmark

Tap the action arrow ( ) button at the bottom center of the screen (iPhone, iPod Touch) or to the left of the location bar (iPad) and then tap Add Bookmark. It will automatically be named NU Login Bookmarklet for iPhones and iPads. 


add bookmark


It may default to save in your "Favorites" folder.  You may wish to change that to the Bookmarks folder for easier access.

Then tap "Done".

Making bookmarklet available in "favorites"

Making bookmarklet available in Bookmarks


Step 3: Edit the Bookmark


This is the important part!

Tap the bookmarks button (it looks like an open book) at the bottom of the screen (iPhone) or top of the screen (iPad).

Where to adjust the URL in the bookmarklet


Then, tap "Edit". Find the bookmark you just saved (unless you changed the name, it will be titled NUproxy) and tap it. You now need to change the URL to the text you copied in Step 1. Tap the URL field (it begins with "http://"), then delete everything in it and paste the text you copied:


Adjusting the URL for the bookmarklet


Then, click "Done".

Step 4: Once You've Added the Bookmarklet to your Browser, How Do You Use It?

If you're not on the NU network, and you follow a link on your iPhone or iPad to an article or webpage to which your Northeastern affiliation should get you access via a library subscription, just open your list of bookmarks and tap the NU Login Bookmarklet. You will be redirected through the campus login page. You will then be able to view the site with access as if you were on campus. You will only have to log in the first time in your session. 

If the library does not have a subscription to the resource, you will not be able to get access through the bookmarklet.  Please contact us if you have a question about our subscriptions.

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