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myKnovel ToGo

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The myKnovel toGo app allows you to download Knovel e-books, which include many technical books and lab manuals, and read them offline on a tablet or mobile device.



You must first set up a myKnovel account on the web (available to current NU faculty, staff and students), and then download the app and sign in with that account.  You may search and download e-books on the web or on the tablet. E-books saved in one will sync to the other. 



  • Users can download up to 20 titles for offline usage at a time, with up to 20 titles total per month.
  • Downloaded content will only be accessible through the My Knovel ToGo app.
  • After your content has been downloaded, you can access it anytime for up to 30 days offline before coming back online.

Publisher: Elsevier


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