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Library Staff Directory

Amira Aaron
a.aaron [at]
antolin.a [at]
Rebecca Bailey
re.bailey1 [at]
Megan Barney
m.barney [at]
Syd Bauman
s.bauman [at]
Erin Beach
e.beach [at]
t.bernstein [at]
Melanie Bopp
m.bopp [at]
Subjects: Linguistics
j.bourns [at]
Steven Braun
Subjects: Data Visualization
s.braun [at]
Ethan Bren
e.bren [at]
Molly Brown
mo.brown [at]
s.carlisle [at]
Ashley Clark
as.clark [at]
d.cliff [at]
Dan Cohen
d.cohen [at]
Sarah Connell
sa.connell [at]
h.corbett [at]
Evie Cordell
e.cordell [at]
p.diaz [at]
Subjects: Nursing, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Public Health, Regulatory affairs in drugs, biologics, and medical devices, Speech Pathology & Audiology, Regulatory affairs of food and food industries, Communication sciences and disorders, Health Sciences
s.dunphy [at]
Molly Dupere
e.dupere [at]
l.fabiano [at]
j.ferguson [at]
Julia Flanders
jflanders [at]
Subjects: Philosophy, Religion
br.greene [at]
Subjects: Business, Sports Leadership
k.hannan [at]
Tracey Harik
t.harik [at]
Subjects: Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Psychology, Behavioral neuroscience
k.herrlich [at]
Tom Hohenstein
t.hohenstein [at]
Lindley Homol
Subjects: Education
l.homol [at]
s.hudner [at]
j.iannone [at]
Kimberly Kennedy
ki.kennedy [at]
j.kleinman [at]
d.lavoie [at]
James Lee
ja.lee [at]
a.lewontin [at]
Alissa Link
Subjects: Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Marine and Environmental Science, Bioengineering, Bioinformatics, Health informatics [at]
Julie Long
x.long [at]
Deb Mandel
Subjects: Media and Screen Studies, Music, Jewish Studies
d.mandel [at]
Gail Mansfield
g.mansfield [at]
s.maubourquette [at]
Julie McBrien
j.mcbrien [at]
c.mccallum [at]
Greg McClellan
g.mcclellan [at]
r.mcnally [at]
g.mecagni [at]
G. Karen Merguerian
Subjects: History, Mathematics
g.merguerian [at]
k.mooncai [at]
j.morrow [at]
p.murray-john [at]
Subjects: African American Studies, Anthropology, Human Services, Sociology, Cultures, Societies, and Global Studies, Latin American & Caribbean Studies
c.oka [at]
Subjects: Engineering, Nanotechnology, Physics
j.omoruyi [at]
Regina Pagani
Subjects: Art & Design, Architecture, World Languages, American Sign Language, Game Design
r.pagani [at]
Subjects: Criminology and Criminal Justice, Government, International Affairs, Law, Military/Naval Science, Political Science, Economics
r.palmatier [at]
k.reagan [at]
Jon Reed
jo.reed [at]
je.rodriguez [at]
Amanda Rust
Subjects: English & American Literature, Digital Humanities
A.Rust [at]
Bahare Sanae-Movahed
Subjects: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping
b.sanaiemovahed [at]
Evan Simpson
e.simpson [at]
Mark Sivak
m.sivak [at]
d.smith [at]
j.stirling [at]
Sarah Sweeney
sj.sweeney [at]
Nicole Thomas
ni.thomas [at]
j.thompson [at]
Sarah Towne
s.towne [at]
e.valencia [at]
k.vautour [at]
Brooke Williams
Subjects: Journalism, Communications Studies, Theatre, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Computer and Information Science
b.williams [at]
k.yee [at]
l.yee [at]
p.yott [at]